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What is the Fast Fours Forums Car Club? How do I Join up?

Join the new Fast Fours Forums Car Club now and win!

Join the club!So you've heard the rumours and hype, seen the club members driving around, witnessed the club at events and now you want in yeah?

Late last year the regulars on the forum chucked around the idea of starting a club, in February we announced the name and logo to the world, and at Auto Salon in May the team was set, the weather conditions were fine, and the official Fast Fours Forum Car Club rocket was launched into the stratosphere much to the joy of dropped jaws and raised eyebrows all over Homebush.

The Fast Fours Forums Car Club dream is now a reality, and we call on each and every one of you out there in "I love sweet cars and cool people land" to join up. But not just for the love of the game, this is a serious club with some serious benefits for members. On sign up members will receive:
  • A fully embroided polo shirt
  • A personalised engraved silver key ring
  • A mousepad
  • The latest edition of Fast Fours
  • A 40% off subscription offer to Fast Fours
  • A personal ID card
  • Regular Newsletter
  • Last but not least, what everyone seems to crave more than sex - stickers.
But as Tim Shaw would say, "wait, there's more".

Along with free entry to official cruises there are;
  • BBQ outings.
  • Discounted entries to race track and drive seminar days.
  • Discounted entries to Go-karting days.
  • Dyno days and test 'n' tune days.
  • Remote control car track days.
  • Horse riding days.
  • Putt putt golf days.
  • Ten pin bowling days.
  • Movie nights.
  • Sound off and system test days.
  • Skirmish (paint ball) days.
  • Plus a plethora of other exciting events!
And then there is the comps! Prizes for some of our comps include:
  • Tool kits.
  • Momo equipment such as gear knobs and pedals.
  • DVD's.
  • Oils, brake fluid and lubes.
  • Videos.
  • Apparel.
  • Pepsi.
  • And much more!
Perhaps the real zinger for modifying maniacs, discounts from over 65 workshops and auto retailers across NSW.

Now we are aware that those interstate are perhaps going to be a bit miffed that benefits are really mostly for NSW residents, but god willing everything going well, we should see the team expanding into nation wide chapters sooner than you think.

You may also have noticed there is an entire website devoted to the club. But what does the sealed section of the members site hold that is so special? What it is that only members can get? Click here to for a full explanation!

And now the good bit!

Get Official Club Merchandise!And without further ado, you'll be happy to know that we do appreciate your interest no end in the club and we thank you for it. Please find below links to the four (4) relevant forms you will need in order to join. You can print the forms out from here and send them back to us when you feel your ready to join.

Application Cover Letter
This first letter just gives you a brief run down and lets you know what paperwork needs to be filled to join the club. Click here.

Application Form
This is the meat of the forms. This is where you fill in all your details and sign your life away. Click here.

Code of Conduct / Disclaimer Form
This form is to let us know that you have read and acknowledged our code of conduct before joining the club. Click here.

Secondary Form
In order to keep 'unwanted guests' from joining and ruining the hard work all members put into the club, new members have to be signed in by two existing members. These existing members might know you by person, reputation or via the forums online. Click here.

Just fill out these four (4) forms and send them back to us at P.O. Box 928 SUTHERLAND NSW 1499 with a cheque or money order of $140.00. Or you can hand it in person to a committee member when you see them next. Alternatively, you can deposit stright into our bank account via the following details:

Name: Fast Fours Forums Car Club Inc.
Bank: National Australia Bank.
BSB No.: 082057
Account No.: 54-462-1040

If you have any further enquiries please don't hestitate to ask us. If you would like know what kinds of things are contained within the members section of this website, click here.

Thank you


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