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Fresh from the Fast Fours Forums! These are the characters who make and break the Fast Fours Legend! If any of the following details are not correct, please email me.

Fast Forums Name:  Spred_Em

Real Name:  Ben

State of Residence:  NSW

Date of Birth / Age:  27/05/1978

Email Addy:  marhanbigi@hotmail.com

Ride:  Mazda RX-7 (92)

Bio / Mods:  So far things undertaken include a 3" stainless exhaust and HKS intercooler piping.

Future mods include either upgrading the existing twin turbo setup or going the big single turbo direction. Plenty of other things are also coming, way to many to list here.

I am looking to do a bit of circuit racing so the car will be setup for that.

The images are:

  1. Stock Gemini (damaged) drifted it lost it 180 degrees into gutter when I was 17. One side TUBBED other side looks like it has fats on the back. Fully moved the diff bout 10inches to the left.
  2. Civic is mums car but I took it for a spin. 4x4 came through RED light.4x4 flipped Hollywood style. lucky no deaths.
  3. My next car was a front wheel drive TX-3. All show no go. I got over that real quick.
  4. With the old wrecked Gem sitting on the grass I decided to do a Gem up. So I bought a coupe Gem and dropped a 13B PP in it. And it was LOUD!!!
  5. Next door neighbours had a new born child so I decided to sell it and get something a little more quieter. Enter 4x4 turbo TX-3. See a pattern here? Gem / TX-3, Gem / TX-3.
  6. Again I take mums car for a spin. Commo + wet = contact with pole.
  7. Present car is the RX-7. Imported myself from NZ the Jap spec model.

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