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Fresh from the Fast Fours Forums! These are the characters who make and break the Fast Fours Legend! If any of the following details are not correct, please email me.

Fast Forums Name:  myles

Real Name:  Myles

State of Residence:  NSW

Email Addy:  ruckes_1@hotmail.com

Ride:  Volkswagon Beetle (56/69)

Bio / Mods:  The car is actually a 1956 VW Beetle shell mounted on a 1969 powder coated floor pan.

Engine mods include an imported Gene Berg 1900cc bored and stroked to 2000cc. Heads are dual port items that have been ported and polished and now runs Gene Berg gear drive, Gene Berg forged rockers set at 1.40:1, ceramic coated lifters and 80,000 PSI pushrods. The bottom end runs ceramic coated Carrillo rods connecting to ceramic coated forged pistons. Additionally a Gene Berg oil pump keep everything lubricated. Feeding the donk are Gene Berg modified 42mm Weber carbs. From the other side of the heads, exhaust flows via aftermarket heads into a ceramic coated full exhaust system.

From here power travels via an oíringed 200mm 12-volt flywheel and 200mm reworked genuine 180mm ( 1700 lb unit rated ) F&S diaphragm type pressure plate into a reworked manual. ( car has been converted from auto )

Internally, features include Autometer pro-comp 10000rpm monster tacho, pro-comp liquid filled oil pressure gauge, pro-comp liquid filled oil temp gauge, pro-comp liquid filled fuel pressure gauge, pro-comp volt and amps gauges and a pro-comp 160kph speedo. While the car is still without seats, Iíve ordered a set and are waiting to take delivery.

Externally, the body is coated in baby blue 2 pac paint and rides on stock rims temporarily.

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