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Fresh from the Fast Fours Forums! These are the characters who make and break the Fast Fours Legend! If any of the following details are not correct, please email me.

Fast Forums Name:  sim_rx3

Real Name:  Simon

State of Residence:  NSW

Date of Birth / Age:  13/09/73

Email Addy:  sim_rx3@hotmail.com

Ride:  Mazda RX-3

Bio / Mods:  My current ride is a Mazda RX-3.

Engine mods so far include a Microtech Digi 2 computer (have modified the handset to mount into the center dash like a cd player, T45 turbo, huge front mount intercooler, Supra turbo 5 speed and 9" diff.

Front suspension is series 6 RX-7 with coil over shocks (shock towers have been removed from the body in the engine bay as aftermarket crossmember has shock towers on it), rear suspension is 4 bar link with panard rod and coil over shocks (rear shock towers have been removed to make way for sub box), PBR brakes drilled-slotted disks all four corners (Volvo 4 spot calipers on front, Commodore rear), stud pattern changed to commodore (sick of simmons on Mazdas, no offence), 60L drop tank (also done to make room for sub box), twin 3" exhaust system with rear mufflers sitting either side of drop tank with 5" outlet, all inner guards have been lifted 2" without changing external lines of the body to make room for new rims-tyres rims are Zenetti vxII 18x8 chrome with 235x40x18 Falken tyres all four corners (buying these at auto salon at the tempe stand!!).

Internally there are 4 Autotek seats (two bucket seats for rear passengers), 2 x Clarion dual voice coil subs, 2 x Clarion splits (aset for front and a set for the rear).

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