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Fresh from the Fast Fours Forums! These are the characters who make and break the Fast Fours Legend! If any of the following details are not correct, please email me.

Fast Forums Name:  Mo Sex

Real Name:  Mohomad

State of Residence:  NSW

Email Addy:  m1rexa@optushome.com.au

Ride:  Nissan Skyline

Bio / Mods:  Exterior : Orange with Yellow pearl. Gt4 Bonnet scoop, Evo 3 rear wing, sideskirts and front lip are G&s Motorbodies items. Bonnet is Airbrushed.

Interior: Full leather retrim including seats, floor roof, dash, in yellow and orange. Steering wheel retrimmed in leather. Gauges on dash. No Back seat.

Engine : E15et 1.5l sohc turbo, Protech is the brainchild behind all the engine mods. Motor has been given a thorough rebuild including Forged Pistons, bigger cam, oversized rods and whole lot of work. Turbo is a Garrett T3/T4 running off custom manifold by Protech, a Garrett Front Mount coola reduces the air temps to incredibly low levels, also Custom piping done By Protech as well as Custom plenum chamber and Fuel Rail to hold the 13b injectors. The engine Management is a MIcrotech Mtx8. Also The fuel system has been given a major overhaul, including as mentioned bigger injectors, aluminium fuel cell, Surge tank, and 2 Bosch Motorsport Fuel Pumps.

Suspension : Lowered 4 inches all round using Kmac springs and MOnroe Gas shocks

Exhaust : 3inch all the way thru ,turbo back

Stereo : Soon to be organised.

Power figures, with the old setup (std motor no forgies, std everything with just t3/t4 turbo, digi 2 computer, exhaust and front mount coola) the car was dynoed at Pac Performance and achieved 189Hp at only 11psi. When the car gets back on the road figures of about 250hp at the wheels is not out of the question. CAr has never ran down the qtr.

Nissan Skyline R32 Gts-t 1993

Interior ; std except for Blitz Boost Gauge and Razo Auto turbo timer

Exterior, Gun metal Grey, Drift wing, side skirts, front bar cut to accomaodate intercoola.

Wheels : 18" Dtms wrapped in 205/40 rubber

Suspension : Lowered 3inches rear and 3.5" at the front by Kmac. Std shocks

Engine/Driveline, Std Rb20Det running 15psi boost on std turbo (recently purchased t3/t4 turbo yet to install). Hybrid huge front mount coola, pipe work done by tuffy toned mufflers, and air pod

Exhaust : 3icnches from turbo back including muffler and 5" tip.

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