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Fresh from the Fast Fours Forums! These are the characters who make and break the Fast Fours Legend! If any of the following details are not correct, please email me.

Fast Forums Name:  Fhrx

Real Name:  Marty

State of Residence:  NSW

Date of Birth / Age:  18/03/1976

Email Addy:  fhrxstudios@bigpond.com

Ride:  Nissan 200SX (01)

Bio / Mods:  My heap of rolling junk is a 2001 model S15 200SX coupe. Tis a nice car but not nearly as exciting as most 14 year old inner city school kids would have you believe.

First things first; my forum nickname. People frequently ask me what Fhrx means of stands for. Answer is; nothing specific at all really. It's just a nickname I made up back in school because I liked the look of it on paper and it has stuck since I guess. It's pronounced similar to bikes, hikes etc...

The rims on my car also seem to get a lot of questions. They are Hi-black DTM Racing Blitz measuring 18x7.5 all round. I could only go and inch over standard (6.5) and remain legal so that why I don't have the popular 18x8 and 18x9 combo. Tyres are 225/40/18 and 255/35/18. On the track I use Azenes semi slicks on the 16 x 6.5 factory rims.

Suspension has been fully upgraded and is now actually in it's third incarnation. The first was too soft, the second was too hard and it now rides with King springs with Koni inserts and also utilizes adjustable camber and caster. Various nolthane bushes are also placed throughout the rear end now too so it's a lot tighter. It now sits 3" lower but still remains legal.

Exhaust is 3" system from the turbo back containing only three bends. It is a straight copy of an Apexi N1 system but made locally from mild steel to save money. Seeing as the car doesn't get driven all the time longevity is not an issue.

The car is also fitted with Dominion harnesses in case it all goes pear shaped whilst performing track work.

As far as engine mods go we have a boost bleeder, water / metho injection to help intercool, aftermarket (read; home made) EMC that never works properly, G-Reddy FMIC and Grex head. Slightly larger injectors are also plumbed in but are not big enough.

External mods are a C-west front end. On the track we usually swap the bonnet and boot for C-West C/F items but on the street I'd prefer the car stay the original colour.

Another passion of mine just happens to be incar and inhouse multimedia. I have been installing both now for years, contract working for different companies and working full time for years with Fhrx Studio's. There are numerous images on the website of many installs I have done as well as numerous photos of my own Corolla which had nearly $45000 worth of multimedia installed within it. Before it was stolen that is. There is plenty of other install related information there and I am currently doing online tutorials as we speak so go check it out!

I also write for such publications as INCAR magazine so I am blessed enough to get the latest and greatest gear to experiment with.

The S15's current system contains:

  • Source: Clarion HXD2.
  • Processing: Focal (DM - 31 band parametric EQ with Q, phase, crossover and slope adjustment).
  • Amps: 1 x Focal Dual Monitor (2 x 250 @ 4ohm), 1 x Focal 1.800 (1 x 400/600/800 @ 4/2/1 ohm)
  • Front: Focal Utopia Beryllium Kit 7 (6.5" & 3" & 1" component set).
  • Sub: Focal 33KX (13"). Soon to be 33WX upon release.
  • Cable & Deadening: Stinger, Audison Connection and Scosche.
  • Batteries: 2 x EFX EDC1200.
More photos and a full write up on the system can be found here.

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